Android Performance Is Getting Better – Can It Affect You?

Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy A7

When we talk pertaining to Android, lots of us will immediately remember to a green robot that has been a mascot of the Android platform. It is one of prestigious open-source operating system. The awesome features are able to attract the gadget lovers to change their point of view on how to use many function of a trendy gadget into a new way.

Since its first debut to participate in operating system area, Android became an invincible rival of other similar superb operating systems such as iOS from Apple, Blackberry OS from RIM, Windows mobile from Microsoft which had been monopolize the market share before Android launched officially by Google.

Day by day, like a phrase “slowly but surely “, Android can be a serious competitor and it is definitely decent to pay more attention to its further development. Samsung, HTC, LG and other big brand names are largely known by their android products lately. Likely, they can be called as best friends of Google to spread their giant project throughout the world into various types of gadgets such as cell phones and tablets. Names of the OS series are based on dessert names which start from A to Z- so far, Honeycomb is the new version used.

Some countries that have been a lucrative and strong basis of other developers, are being welcome of Android arrival- It seems they be caught in a snare to hefty influence of the android. According to surveys, it is estimated the android OS in 2012 will ascend the throne, far away to leave its nearest competitors behind. The percentage number of android market share will be increasing to 50% in the first to second quarter in 2012.

Opposite to the Android result, Apple which has a catching iPhone, the percentage number is decreasing and also followed by RIM with the Blackberry OS and Microsoft with Windows mobile OS. The dwindling number of these companies market share is very surprising especially for Apple. How can “a new kid” became a rising star that has taken by storm and occupied the same position with the old legends.

What else can they unveil to you?
You can guess by yourself and wait for the next upgrade. All features supported by Google such as YouTube, Gmail and etc. and always integrated with new updated version, can be concluded the Android is the main cast of new operating system era.

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